Nippon Express signs deal with Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Logistics

Linkup aimed to strengthen pharmaceutical transport in China

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Nippon Express (China) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Logistics (JPG Logistics), a member of the Jointown Pharmaceutical Group (JPG), a major Chinese pharmaceutical distributor/wholesaler.

JPG Logistics is a JPG company specialising in pharmaceutical logistics that runs, manages and supports the entire group’s logistics operations as well as its logistics centres at the provincial and regional city level, and it provides China’s domestic pharmaceutical distribution market with enhanced transport services.

NE China had been considering a business partnership with JPG Logistics to cover those operational aspects of pharmaceutical logistics in which foreign companies are not allowed to participate under China’s Good Supplying Practice (GSP) standards governing pharmaceutical supply and quality control. NE China has already been working together on transport efforts with JPG Logistics during the coronavirus pandemic, and it has developed a system enabling pharmaceutical products in China to be delivered overseas and for foreign pharmaceutical products to be delivered to regional cities in China.

This business partnership will allow Nippon Express to offer services that meet customer needs for safety-conscious pharmaceutical transport by combining its own pharmaceutical logistics services utilising its global network outside China with JPG’s domestic transport network within China.

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Nippon Express will continue upgrading its services to meet increasingly sophisticated and varied pharmaceutical transport needs as it steps up efforts both inside and outside Japan on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, which has been positioned as a priority industry in the Company’s corporate strategy.

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