Coronavirus: Six pregnant women in serious condition have UK variant

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu is reportedly planning to push to shut down Ben-Gurion Airport after reports over the weekend that the British variant is up to 30% more deadly than the traditional coronavirus.

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The prime minister will hold a meeting Saturday night to discuss the issue. 
The news comes against the backdrop of a report by the Health Ministry that six out of seven pregnant women screened for the British mutation of the novel coronavirus tested positive for the variant.
So far, the ministry has collected 10 samples and is still waiting on the results of the other three. The ministry said it had started genetic sequencing of pregnant women hospitalized with serious cases of COVID-19 in an effort to determine if they had the mutation
This wave, there has been a sudden increase in pregnant women with life-threatening cases of the virus, whereas there were few in either of the previous waves. Last week, the Health Ministry recommended that pregnant women who have any underlying medical conditions or work in jobs that have them interacting with large groups be vaccinated against coronavirus. 
This is a developing story.

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