News Tracking Service

A customised newsfeed of your competitors, clients or suppliers.

  • News on operations, management, client wins, service and product development, joint ventures, acquisitions, collaborations, expansion, financial and investor news.
  • Dedicated website for your news feed; password protected content.
  • Dedicated daily or weekly newsletter sent to any number of users in your organisation
  • Dedicated RSS feed for your intranet
  • Unlimited news articles
  • Flat fee $ + additional cost per user

Do you need to track important events in your industry such a change of management, a contract win, a new product innovation, an acquisition, a new client or a new office opening? Are you missing out on this important information?

The service is very simple. You don’t want to visit hundreds of pages a day to keep up to date. You give us a list of companies and we build a tracking service that automatically builds a full content newsfeed aggregating the news content from those companies (no links out to many different websites). Users receive a newsletter daily and access the content via our website. Users also receive an RSS feed which can be loaded to an Intranet.

What makes it different? We build news feeds direct from websites whether they have an RSS feed or not. That means we aggregate press release content that many other services do not. Factiva, Reuters and other news aggregators bring together trade journals. Many references to companies are irrelevant or incorrect.

Track your Clients

A key development in one of your client’s operations may affect your business. If you are interested in understanding what your clients or prospective clients are doing then why not give us a list of companies, and we will give you an RSS feed, a newsletter and a private login to a feed of their activities. It is an aggregated full-content feed of company news from their websites and filtered articles from trade press.

Track your Competitors

Can you afford to miss a new contract win, a management appointment or a new product / service? Provide us with a list of your competitors and we will aggregate all their news into a single RSS feed, a newsletter and a private login to a feed of their activities. We can also pull filtered articles from trade press.

Track your Suppliers

If you have a large list of suppliers you should keep up to date on what they’re doing. Can you afford to miss out? They may have been acquired, brought a new product to the market, or just undertaken some debt restructuring. You need to know this. Give us a list of your suppliers and we will aggregate their company news into a single RSS feed, a newsletter and a private login to a feed of their activities. We can also track mentions of companies from existing trade media.

Get in touch today to set up a FREE TRIAL

For your free trial, fill out the form below listing ten companies that you would like to track. We will then pull content relating to these companies and aggregate them into a customised feed for you.

After the trial, the news tracking service is priced depending on the number of companies being tracked and the number of users receiving the service.