Residents under lockdown get food, tag after test – RTHK

Residents in a coronavirus outbreak zone in Jordan streamed to dozens of makeshift testing booths to have their samples taken on Saturday, hours after the government made an unprecedented move to impose a lockdown in the area.

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Those who completed testing were given a wristband, as well as a bag of supplies including cup noodles, canned food, bread and face masks.

One resident said there were quite a lot of people waiting to get tested, and it took him around an hour to complete the process.

People were banned from staying on the streets, and were asked to return home after getting tested.

Police officers in protective gear began sealing off the area at around 4am on Saturday, as the government declared a “restricted area” which runs east-to-west from Woosung Street to Battery Street, and north to south from Kansu Street to Nanking Street.

Many people were caught off-guard by the arrangement and expressed their anger with the government.

A 47-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly attacked a police officer who explained to him that he will have to be tested after entering the restricted area and barred from leaving until the results are out.

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A newspaper vendor, surnamed Chow, also criticised the government for the late notice.

I didn’t even have enough time to shut the stand,” he said, adding that he just recently tested negative for the virus and now had to get tested again because of the order.

Journalists who were originally reporting in the area on Friday were also forced to spend the night in a hotel after they were told they’d be subject to mandatory testing.

But as they headed to their designated testing booths while filming on their way, police officers warned that they would be fined if they didn’t immediately return to their hotel after undergoing testing.

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