Balochistan struggles to meet high oxygen demand amid third COVID-19 wave

Quetta [Pakistan], May 5 (ANI): As Pakistan continues to battle the devastating third COVID-19 wave, the demand for oxygen in Balochistan has surged due to soaring infections.
However, oxygen supplies at government hospitals in Balochistan‘s capital Quetta are reportedly inactive or insufficient because the government has not fulfilled prior financial commitments to private companies for these oxygen cylinders, reported The Express Tribune.
Oxygen supplies for COVID-19 patients at the Fatima Jinnah Hospital are inactive.

The Balochistan government owes about Rs 25 million to private oxygen gas companies that have not been paid for eight months. However, Balochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani denied that there is a shortage of oxygen cylinders at health facilities in the province.
However, an oxygen producer said: “At the Fatima Jinnah too, the need for oxygen cylinders has increased from 40 to 250-300. Fifteen private hospitals in the city are also being provided oxygen from 60 to 70 oxygen cylinders.”
The Express Tribune reported that a private oxygen gas company facility located at Airport Road is facing difficulties in producing at maximum capacity because of prolonged power outages.
Due to the third wave of coronavirus, Pakistan is witnessing a spike in COVID-19 related deaths.
According to the data released today, 3,377 people tested positive in the last 24 hours while 161 people lost their lives with most fatalities being reported in Punjab. (ANI)

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