RentItOnline acquired by Point of Rental

27.11.2020 Online booking engine and app supplier RentItOut has been acquired by Point of Rental.

Based in Slovakia, RentItOut platform is aimed specifically at the equipment rental industry, allowing users to place orders, manage deliveries and collections, allocate machines to sites or jobs, schedule off-hires and calculate their rental costs by team or job as well as the taking payment through the app.

US based equipment rental software supplier Point of Rental will first focus on integrating RentItOnline with its Syrinx product allowing it’s customers these eCommerce capabilities. The RentItOut team including founder Glenn Pearson and lead developer Matej Gabris will join Point of Rental, to ensure that everything works together and its continued development.

Pearson said: “From the time our platform was first introduced, it was clear that integrating into rental software would be beneficial to our customers. When Point of Rental approached us, agreeing to become part of the leading global rental software provider was an easy decision. I am looking forward to working with people who recognise that digitisation can bring new insights to rental companies, free their employees from repetitive tasks, and allow them to focus on serving their customers better.”

Point of Rental’s chief executive, Wayne Harris, added: “RentItOnline does a great job of enhancing a hire or rental store’s customer experience, as transactions are taken care of online more than ever, we feel that RentItOnline is going to enhance our current products. We want to ensure that businesses using Point of Rental are able to continue to provide a superior customer experience.”

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Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Point of Rental has offices in the UK, Australia and South Africa. In the latest issue of Cranes & Access we caught up with Point of Rental to discuss the workshop element of its rental software:


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