Saloodo! launches digital freight platform globally

DHL has announced Saloodo! will extend its range of functions, link the individual markets together and will be available on 4 continents.

DHL has announced that after four years of the founding of Saloodo!, the platform will now extend the range of its functions, link the individual markets together and will be available on 4 continents and over 50 countries.

The digital road freight platform was launched in Germany in 2017 and has grown continuously since then. Initially Saloodo! was available in several other European countries, while expanding into emerging markets outside Europe like Middle East and Africa.

Saloodo!’s CEO Thomas Grunau said, “Saloodo! was founded 4 years ago. Since day one, our goal has been to offer our customers real added value and make their lives easier. With this in mind, we have always given ourselves the freedom to develop functions that are close to the needs of our customers in the different markets. But now it was time to bring it all together on one platform so that Saloodo! customers around the world could benefit from all these efforts”.

The global platform not only extends the range of functions, but also links the individual markets together. It will now be possible, to arrange international transports from the EU to Turkey or to Middle East & Africa (MEA) and vice versa. Saloodo! thus ensures cross-border and cross-market transport processing.

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“We are already working with a number of global players. These customers have a high degree of digitalisation and operate worldwide with seamless processes. On the part of their transport and logistics providers, this often looks different, resulting in disruptions in the companies’ supply chain,” explains Anja Kappus, COO Saloodo!. “With the global digital road freight platform, we at Saloodo! can make precisely these processes more efficient and economical – worldwide.”

Saloodo! customers will also benefit from all features developed so far in the individual regions. “For example, customers in our region will now also benefit from the improved and further simplified user experience of the new Saloodo! interface. Furthermore, the global platform offers improved functionalities for organising convoy shipments, which is a big advantage.,” explains Tobias Maier, CEO Saloodo! MEA.

Conversely, European shippers will be able to order truck transports in convoy for the first time. This option has been extensively tested in the MEA regions in advance, and shippers of high-value goods in particular appreciate the security benefits of convoy transports.

A new feature that will also be introduced for the European road freight market in the near future is the possibility to submit transport offers via WhatsApp. Transport service providers can be informed about new transport requests via WhatsApp and then enter their offer. If the shipper agrees to the offer, the service provider will be informed and all transport-relevant information and documents will be sent automatically.

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Source: DHL

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