Pathetic leadership 

People of Pakistan have completely gone weary of hearing fiery speeches of leaders claiming to change the fate of the country and to dub their opponents as liars, traitors, and a danger to the country. Instead of grooming themselves with a culture of decency, they have embraced the habit of hurling abuses against each other. This absurd behavior continues even in the worst of times. For example, while the world is in grip of the Coronavirus pandemic, our politicians mock and taint their opponents. They all exhibit the same reckless behaviors but blame their opponents for fueling the pandemic. Their contempt for the life of the people of Pakistan and the lust for power seem insatiable. Instead of creating consensus to fight the virus jointly, both the government and the opposition follow the easy path to malign each other to score points and dupe their followers. This virus has affected world economies and it will be a source of disaster for those who do not plan ahead. Our leaders need to shun their differences and debate all issues in parliament to strengthen democracy and take decisions on matters concerning human lives. They also need to pay attention to ever-rising inflation, lack of basic facilities for people, and the rising gap between rich and poor. Mere sloganeering cannot save lives or reduce the gap between rich and poor, which eventually can lead to a civil war-like situation. Let us pray that our leaders see the light of the day sooner than later.

Raja Shafaatullah


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