COVID-19: Anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in London

Anti-lockdown protesters have clashed with police in central London as several people were arrested for allegedly breaching coronavirus restrictions.

Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the city near Oxford Street chanting “freedom” on Saturday, with some carrying placards reading “stop controlling us” and “no more lockdowns”.

Sky News reporter Ivor Bennett, who is at the scene, said there were “quite violent, aggressive clashes” between police and some protesters.

Image: Protesters and police square off in central London

“People were letting off flares, there was red smoke and green smoke,” he said.

“Police were trying to kettle the protesters in one place and break up the big group.”

Police action was met with booing and chants of “shame on you” as demonstrators, many not wearing face masks, ignored requests to go home.

The Metropolitan Police said three people were arrested for allegedly breaching coronavirus restrictions at King’s Cross station in London ahead of the demonstration.

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Image: Several people were detained by police

People were also led away in handcuffs during the protest in London’s Hyde Park.

The Met Police had urged people not to attend protests this weekend and warned those who attend risk enforcement action by officers.

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