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With many of us re-evaluating how we get around in 2020, whether for pandemic or environmental reasons, an electric bike is a tempting but pricey option. So is Black Friday the time to make the jump?

Electric bikes didn’t feature heavily in Black Friday sales in 2019, but a surge of interest in e-bikes  means more of you are on the lookout for a good price.

We’ve done the digging for you to uncover the deals worth considering on e-bikes and folding e-bikes.

E-bike motor system reviews and folding e-bike reviews – discover the models we recommend

Best Black Friday deals on electric bikes

electric bike motor black friday

Below we are highlighting good electric bike deals, selected by our market analysts, on bikes equipped with motor systems that performed well in our robust e-bike motors test.

Bergamont E-Horizon 7 – was £2699, now £2025 (25% off according to the retailer)

Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor, Intuvia display, 500wh battery

Bergamont E-Horizon 7 Black Friday Deal

The Bergamont E-Horizon 7 is currently £2025 at Pure Electric. We have seen this bike at £2499 at other retailers, so whilst the 25% off is a bit of a stretch you are still saving £474.

This bike is equipped with a Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor, which our tests found to be quiet and provide fast acceleration. The Intuvia display is also clear to read in bright conditions. Our testing covers the motor, display and battery, but we recommend you book a test ride, or at the very least view the bike in person, to see if it’s right for you.

Read our full verdict on the Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor system used by this bike, or buy  from Pure Electric

Haibike SDuro Trekking 1.0 Mens Electric Hybrid Bike – was £1999, now £1899 (5% off according to the retailer)

Bosch Active Line + motor, Intuvia display, 400wh battery

Haibike SDuro Trekking 1.0 Mens Electric Hybrid Bike - Back Friday Deals

The Haibike SDuro Trekking 1.0 comes with a five-year frame and two-year electrical components warranty. This bike provides a reliable entry point into e-biking, a Bosch Active Line + motor, which we found gives smooth power delivery and fast acceleration.

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Equipped with the 400wh battery, it will cover a day’s commuting for most people.

We recommend you view the bike in person, or better yet book a test ride if possible, to see if it’s right for you.

Find out how far the motor system on this bike can take you in our full Bosch Active Line + motor review, or buy from Pure Electric

BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Cross Two Hybrid Electric Bike – was £3299, now £2475 (25% off according to the retailer)

Shimano Steps E-6100 motor, 400wh battery

BMC Alpenchallenge AMP Cross Two Hybrid Electric Bike Black Friday Deal

This striking BMC Cross Two comes with a three year warranty on the frame, and is powered by a Shimano Steps E-6100 motor and 400wh battery.

When we put this motor and battery system through our tests we found it had a reasonable range and a nice quiet motor. Even with the saving, it’s still quite an investment, so it’s worth seeing it in person or having a test ride first if you can.

Read our full Shimano Steps E-6100 motor review, or buy from Pure Electric

Best Black Friday deals on folding electric bikes

folding electric bike black friday savings

So far, we haven’t spotted any good deals on folding electric bikes – though several cycling outlets are yet to reveal their Black Friday deals.

We think it’s worth waiting for now before parting with your money, and we will update this page if we spot anything we think you should consider.

In the meantime, check out our folding electric bike reviews to find an e-bike that meets your needs.

How to buy the best e-bike

choosing the right electric bike

Bike shops have been allowed to remain open during this November lockdown, so you can still go and test ride an electric bike to make sure to feels and performs right to you.

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The biggest impact COVID-19 has had on bikes is stock availability, with many shops unable to order new stock as fast as its selling. Ring ahead to find out which bikes are currently in stock – so you don’t have a wasted trip.

Here are some tips to help you out when buying your electric bike:

  • Consider a folding e-bike if you have limited storage space or regularly get on public transport as part of a commute, than a folding e-bike may be a better option for you.
  • The motor placement affects how an e-bike rides front and rear mounted motors are often found on e-bikes below £1,500, whilst mid-hub motors tend to be on more expensive models. Front and rear motors don’t wear the bike chain down as fast as a mid-hub motor, but the weight distribution is less even and changing tyres is more tricky. Read a full pros and cons breakdown in our e-bikes advice guide.
  • Bigger batteries don’t just get you further e-bike batteries tend to range from 250 to 500W in power. The more powerful the battery, the further you can go on a single charge and greater assistance can be provided by the motor. If you live in a particularly hilly area, it worth going for the higher wattage battery.
  • Save money with the cycle-to-work scheme this government-backed scheme allows your employer to buy the bike for you to ride to work, and then they hire it back to you through a salary sacrifice.  At the end of the hire period you can buy the bike from your employer, typically for a nominal fee. Check with your employer to find out if they offer the scheme.

This story was originally published on 25 November 2020. We’ll keep updating it whenever we spot new deals on electric bikes that our experts believe are worth buying.

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