Top 10 generate half of top 250 sales

Like in most industrialized countries, the Austrian eCommerce market is highly concentrated: Few big players generate the bulk of online retail net sales. According to the study “E-Commerce-Markt Österreich 2020” (E-Commerce Market Austria), an annual analysis published by Statista and EHI Retail Institute, the usual suspect Amazon is in the top spot in the ranking of Austria’s biggest online stores by net sales in 2019, with a more than comfortable lead over second-placed A look at cumulated sales reveals that the top 10 taken together also make up a huge part of Austrian eCommerce net sales in general:

The 10 biggest online stores by net sales in Austria in 2019 are responsible for half of the total net sales generated by the top 250. In absolute figures, this corresponds to a cumulated net sales amount of €1,789 million. Ranks 11 to 50 account for a way smaller share, namely 27% or a sum of €976 million. The sales shares of the ranks 51 to 100 and 101 to 250 are even smaller: They contribute 10% and 13% to the overall net sales generated by the top 250, respectively.

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November 2020

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