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Our furry friends are just as precious as us, so it’s safe to say they deserve a good pet makeover through ruff times! Here are some ideas for a little beauty therapy…

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A pug in a a sink having a shower!

Keep cats and dogs trimmed and beautiful with this great 3-in-1 pet hair trimmer. Our animals cleverly groom themselves, but can always benefit from a good brush in those hard to reach places…and help avoid “hairballs”! We also offer the choice of either a handy brushing glove or gentle comb with this great deal: pet grooming glove or comb!

A regular bath for your pet can make them feel great and help them relax (and keep the house clean for those dogs that love a swamp)! Make it fun for them by throwing in their favourite toys and ensure they are in a comfortable space. This could be the sink for puppies and cats, or a pool with a hose in the garden for bigger friends. But remember, always ensure you use soft and special animal shampoos to protect their fur and skin! Check out this fresh deal for WAHL pet shampoo!


Two cats eating treats

Pets have the ability to know when we even THINK about the treat jar. But you can’t deny there’s nothing better than seeing their little excited faces when you actually take said jar out of the cupboard! Of course, they deserve an extra special treat now and again, and if you have special canines, treat them to this dog gift box.

New wardrobe!

A dog running in a panda costume

Who said you need a special occasion for a new outfit?! We have a great deal on a dog cartoon jacket with many designs and sizes! Not only will it make them look fabulous, but the whole internet would love to see it too!

Bed time!

A cat relaxing, lying on it's back

Everyone loves a new bed, and our pets will always appreciate a new place to snuggle up. Perhaps the little ones would enjoy an extra fluffy plush pet bed? Or, for the our bigger and adventurous friends, we offer a waterproof pet bed.  Why not also check out this pawsome shark pet bed to ensure they never refuse to “go to bed” again!

It’s always important to show our pets as much love as they show us. And, in especially trying times, it’s good to have them by our side to help us stay paw-sitive!

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