At Namur station, a project led by Duchêne, the mast of the future cable-stayed bridge culminating at 52m was successfully erected!

This mast is a strong architectural gesture, a contemporary gesture that sublimates the old, the historic facade of the Namur station being preserved. This future cable-stayed bridge will accommodate many buses. While it is very robust, it will also bring a certain lightness to the project by offering an unobstructed view.

The piece was manufactured by the Walloon company TMI and has extraordinary dimensions! 42-meters long, 90 tons and a peak height of 52meters! It took no less than 5 hours of travel by special convoy to bring this mast to the station, located only twenty kilometers from the production site.

Duchêne, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is proud to participate with Franki in this colossal project. Every weekday, 400 trains and 1,300 buses serve this station. The redevelopment of Namur station includes:
– Renovation of the passenger floor to improve comfort and traffic flow;
– The construction of a bus station allowing direct access to the railway station via its roof;
– The construction of a drop-off point;
– improving the accessibility of the station, making it 100% accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility.  
The work should be completed by the end of 2021.

Congratulations to the Belgian teams for this great step, and thanks to our partners:

    Architects: NEY And Partners
    Delegated client: Eurogare
    Financing partners: City of Namur, TEC, SPW.

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Photo credit: Pascal Thémans.

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