WATCH: SNL Sketch About The Awkwardness of Post-Pandemic Dating Gets Upstaged by Tiny Meowing Kitten

Saturday Night Live’s final sketch of the evening addressed the expected awkwardness of post-pandemic dating, but the actors’ jokes were upstaged by an adorable tabby kitten that kept meowing during the last part of the sketch.

The scene involved SNL cast member Kate McKinnon and the night’s host and musical guest, Nick Jonas, as two strangers who meet in a bar during their first time venturing out in the (hopefully near!) future after the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end.

The two stumble over long-unused flirting techniques and awful pick-up lines as they try to get to know one another.

“You have beautiful eyes,” said Jonas, “but they’d look better on my floor.”

“I don’t think you said that right,” replied McKinnon, encouraging him to “maybe just try making a flirty face” instead.

They then resort to magic tricks to impress each other, with McKinnon first showing a unique way to tie a cherry stem in a knot that she reveals she learned at “Hogwarts — kidding! Prison.”

Instead of pulling a bunny out of a hat, Jonas’ trick was to pull a kitten out from his coat. The tiny brown tabby meowed as the audience reacted with delight.

McKinnon grinned happily as she took the squirming kitten from Jonas and then called for the bartender to bring a bowl of milk, which she drank instead.

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The bartender, played by Aidy Bryant, cradled the kitten in her arms as it continued to meow throughout the rest of the sketch.

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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