Resurgence of Covid-19 cases – President warns against complacency – ZBC NEWS

As the country prepares to mark 41 years of independence this month, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has made a passionate plea for the public to remain alert to the dangers of the Covid -19 pandemic as the nation witnesses a resurgence of positive cases after recording one hundred and twenty-six new cases in just 24 hours.

He was peaking in a wide-ranging interview at State House in Harare this Saturday.

In the last twenty fours, the country recorded one hundred and twenty six new Covid-19 cases, the highest since March, triggering fears that the country may again be plunged into another serious battle with the pandemic.

Amid resurging coronavirus infections, President Mnangagwa has flagged instances of large gatherings and complacency, twin factors that may regress the strides made so far to combat the pandemic.

Experts contend the Easter holidays may have been the trigger for the latest infections.

There, however, are also deep seating behaviours existing within large cities that may also fuel the high risk for new infections.

Norms of social distancing, wearing of masks are being flouted in disregard of World Health Organisation guidelines.

Errant behaviour by bar operators is also another area that needs attention from the authorities, as these entertainment joints hosthuge numbers under the cover of darkness.

According to a latest global Covid-19 tracker, the country is reporting 51 new infections on average each day, while two people are at risk of infection for every one hundred thousand.

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As of this Saturday, Zimbabwe has now recorded37 thousand 273cases, 34 thousand 862recoveries and 1 thousand 538 deaths.

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