‘Netanyahu and Bennett are coordinated and will go together after the election’ – Inside Israel

MK Avigdor Liberman, chairman of the Yisrael Beytenu party and former Defense Minister, on Tuesday gave an interview to Radio 103FM in which he criticized the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, and commented on the chances that the State of Israel will go to elections again next year.

Liberman claimed that Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett would once again join Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc ahead of the next election.

“It is clear that Binyamin Netanyahu is not approving the state budget because he is saving the option of dismantling the coalition over the issue of the budget. It is only in this case that he will not have to transfer power to Mr. Benny Gantz, the Knesset will dissolve and we will go to elections, around March 20,” said Liberman. “I saw that Israel Hayom reporter Yaakov Bardugo interviewed Naftali Bennett, a real PR interview. It is clear that such an interview in Israel Hayom is impossible without a permit from Balfour. I see that Bennett and Netanyahu avoid criticizing each other. Netanyahu criticizes the media, the Coronavirus Committee, me and everyone else except Bennett.”

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“Bennett will probably go with Netanyahu after the election,” continued Liberman. “I have no other explanation for his entire conduct. Today in the Knesset, the Yamina party is like part of the government and the coalition, much more than Blue and White, and they vote with the government. Netanyahu and Bennett are coordinated and will go together after the election.”

On the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis, Liberman said, “I was on a tour of the coronavirus control center, what can I tell you? The expectations that were not good all came true one by one. I asked them what the biggest problem was, and they told me in the clearest manner that it was the loss of public trust in the decision-makers at the Coronavirus Cabinet.”

“The same regulations that were published, even professors could not understand them, there are duplications, unclear things. What should an ordinary citizen do? What will a police officer do with those regulations? At best exercise discretion, if you try to read all the regulations on the air, no one will understand anything,” he claimed.

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Asked about the state of Yisrael Beytenu in the polls, Liberman replied, “I am not interested in the polls, although they are not bad at all. In internal polls of the parties and ours, I have not seen one poll that gives us less than double digits in seats. The results of the election will be completely different [than what the polls suggest], I guess there will be other players involved.”

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