Meet RWM’s Head of Technical Strategy

In her role at RWM, Dr Samantha King is responsible for integrating across engineering, safety, research and requirements and programme functions, transformation and stakeholder engagement.

Sam has a BSc. in Physics and Chemistry, a PhD in Chemistry from Manchester University and around 20 years’ experience in radioactive waste management.

Sam has worked on a number of international projects with radioactive waste management organisations around the world, and has led reviews of the transferability of technology developed internationally to the UK, in order for us at RWM to learn from the experience of other geological disposal programmes.

In her blog, Sam explains why implementing a safe long-term solution for higher-activity radioactive waste is the right thing to do, and introduces the thinking behind geological disposal.

Dr Sam King says:

Our goal is to move all the UK’s higher activity radioactive waste into a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF), a series of highly engineered vaults and tunnels hundreds of metres below ground, in solid rock.

You can read the blog in full here.

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