CORONAVIRUS – Missing teen update

Police have released CCTV pictures of a teenager whom it was thought might be walking 280 miles to see his girlfriend in Pocklington. 

West Sussex Police have urged motorists who may have been in the Saltdean area where Owen Harding was last seen a week ago to check any dashcam footage they may have.

owen harding
Owen and his girlfriend Meg Wells Rhodes

Owen, 16, left his home in Saltdean, West Sussex, around 6pm on Thursday, March 26.

However, police now have doubts about whether Owen is walking to Pocklington, and believe he could still be in Sussex.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Alasdair Henry:

“It’s now been a week since Owen’s disappearance and we share the concern of his family and friends for his safety and welfare.

Searches have been taking place in the Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs area and there have been extensive enquiries locally.

We are aware of his connection to Yorkshire and suggestions that he may have set out to walk there to see his girlfriend.

We have not discounted this, but there are no indications at all to support this or indeed that he has left Sussex.

We would like to thank the public for their support in our investigation and while we appreciate people would like to help with our searches, we are urging everyone to abide by Government guidance at all times.

We are utilising all of our available resources to search locally and will, of course, link up with colleagues across the country if there is anything to suggest that he has travelled out of Sussex.

We are very keen to hear from anyone who can help us in our search for him.”


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