Conflict, Stability and Security Fund: Call for Bids 2020

The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund- CSSF is the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) global fund supporting the efforts in the region to tackle illicit economies, serious and organised crime and corruption in Colombia, Peru and Panama primarily (but with potential to cover linked events in other neighbouring countries).

In Colombia for 2020/21 we are inviting proposals in the specific topic outlined in the attached terms of reference. PLEASE APPLY ONLY TO THESE THEMATIC AREA, BIDS OUTSIDE THEM WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Proposals should be sent to the British Embassy in Colombia. Instructions for this bidding round in Bogota are outlined below.

The following documents are attached, please read all guidance.

All proposals (concepts and full bids) must be submitted in English. The Budget must be presented in pounds (GBP), and an exchange rate of COP/£ 4764.25 must be used; however, the Embassy will not cover any variances in the total amount of the budget due to the exchange rate.

Full proposals at Stage 3 must be supported by a realistic activity based budget, set out with as much detail as possible.

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This file is in an OpenDocument format

This file is in an OpenDocument format

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