[Video] From Fitness Trainer to Start-up Mentee

In 2016, Se-don Hwang, a bodybuilder who had successfully undergone rehabilitation treatment, built upon this experience and started a company called ‘Strong Friend’. Following the establishment of his company, Hwang worked hard to develop novel at-home workout solutions and smart healthcare products. However, as he struggled with practical problems such as prototype funding and making durability improvements, Hwang soon found that creative ideas and passionate execution aren’t always enough to set one apart in the highly competitive ‘start-up jungle’.

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With his company on its last legs in 2018, the news that the Gyeongbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCEI) was holding its ‘G-STARt UP! Pitch Day’ caught Hwang’s attention. He signed up for the competition, and went on to win first place. As a result, Hwang was selected as one of the ‘G-Star Dreamers’ as part of Samsung’s C-Lab Outside.

Based on the lessons he learned from program mentors that included Samsung Electronics employees with relevant expertise, Hwang has been able to enhance the durability and safety of his products. Looking ahead, the start-up founder’s next goal is to expand his company’s supply chain globally. Check out the video below to see how the ‘G-Star Dreamers’ program has helped Hwang revitalize his business and continue striving towards his dream.

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