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Next to optimized index listings, search engine advertising – or short SEA – is an important instrument of search engine marketing. In contrast to search engine optimization (SEO), which focuses on the optimization of organic search results, this kind of online marketing integrates paid search results based on predefined keywords into the result pages of the common search engines. It has become an integral part of a modern marketing strategy for any business selling products or services online. In the Statista Digital Market Outlook, Search Advertising is the biggest market segment in the Digital Advertising market, representing a market share of 43% of the global Digital Advertising market volume in 2020. This corresponds to a total global search engine ad spending of US$152.7 billion, with an ongoing upward trend.

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The recently updated ecommerceDB Country Reports also feature in-depth data on the topic of search engine marketing in general and search engine optimization in particular. For today’s news, has chosen to present to you an exclusive slide from the brand-new Country Report eCommerce in France 2020 on SEA budgets in France1:

Amazon does not only lead the ranking of the biggest online stores by net sales in France, it is also at the forefront when it comes to SEA budgets. A total of US$27 million were spent on search engine ads for in 2019. Second-placed is not very far behind, though: The large online store and marketplace “made in France” spent US$21 million on search engine advertising in 2019. Ranks 3 to 10 are a lot closer together, with SEA budgets between US$10 and US$5 billion.

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1: Ranking includes online stores from the French top 500 online store ranking by net sales 2019 in France for which SEA information is available. Budgets include ad spending in France only.

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