Energy Storage | 5 in 5 | IBM Research

Using the accelerated discovery cycle, scientists will improve the battery’s performance by finding even safer and more efficient materials. Earlier this year, IBM researchers developed a cobalt-and nickel-free battery that relies on an iodine-based cathode. The researchers showed that the battery could have higher power density, lower flammability and much faster charging times than conventional Li-ion batteries.

The use of quantum computing will become of pivotal importance to improve next-generation technologies, like lithium sulphur batteries, that could be more powerful, longer lasting and cheaper than Li-ion. Next, AI could be aimed at predicting the correct molecular candidates, allowing researchers to lab-test the best options.

Over the next five years, accelerated discovery of new materials—made possible by AI and quantum computing—will result in better batteries to meet rising global demand for electricity without further raising the temperature of the Earth.

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