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Deloitte had a problem to solve. It’s the world’s largest professional services company, with 300,000 employees in 150 countries and territories around the world. The firm’s leadership recognized that as demands on its workforce increased, inconsistent approaches to service management were impeding Deloitte’s ability to consolidate and scale worldwide.

Deloitte addressed this and other growth issues by adopting the Now Platform as a foundation of its digital transformation. As a result, the 175-year-old firm, which counts four of five Fortune Global 500 companies as clients, has seen a 20% to 50% productivity rise in several business units. Workflow efficiency has increased four- to five-fold across the organization.

“We saw an opportunity to automate and digitize workflows more broadly and accelerate the onboarding of member firms worldwide,” said Stephen Mansfield, Americas CIO at Deloitte. “We continue to align business requirements with platform capabilities, transforming enterprise service management at Deloitte. We now think of ServiceNow as a global ERP system for technology and the connective tissue across our enterprise.”

Central to Deloitte’s strategy was using the Now Platform to support its global IT infrastructure. Deloitte now uses the full range of ServiceNow solutions to streamline IT service management, compliance, security to talent management, finance, and customer service. The Now Platform App Engine helps the company build custom workflows and prevent ad hoc apps, tools, and platforms from emerging across the enterprise, helping avoid the next generation of technical debt.

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For end users, that translates to easier, faster support for routine requests, whether they need a new laptop or help using an application.

The experience behind the scenes has improved as well, as the organization standardizes and simplifies IT processes with its global rollout of ServiceNow’s IT Service Management, IT Business Management, and IT Operations Management.

“No matter where I am in the world, if I need help with technology, I want it to work the same way,” Mansfield said.

Deloitte extends ServiceNow beyond IT to streamline processes, deploying digital workflows for its highly mobile workforce of billable professionals, whose everyday productivity is essential to serving Deloitte’s clients.

The organization now has more than 200 non-IT workflows, a collection that continues to grow. The talent organization, for instance, enabled digital self-service for compensation inquiries, tax form updates, contract extensions, new hire benefit enrollment, and other functions, resulting in productivity gains of 25% to 40%.

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