• M&S is launching a six-week TV, digital and in-store campaign to encourage support for British farmers
  • The retailer reinforces its commitment to sourcing from its community of nearly 10,000 British farmers
  • New sales initiatives in place to support farmers including 100% British meat food box and introduction of bedding plants
  • M&S helps to address challenges facing farmers caused by hospitality sector closures – confirming commitment to its Milk Pledge price promise to dairy farmers

M&S is championing British farming and pledging support for its family of nearly 10,000 farmers across the UK as they face ever-growing challenges during these exceptional times.

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From tomorrow (28th April), M&S is launching a six-week campaign – spanning TV, social and in-store – that aims to put the fantastic efforts of British farmers and growers at the forefront for customers and highlight its ongoing commitments to sourcing meat, farmed fish, poultry, dairy and fruit, veg and horticulture from farmers across the country. 

With travel restrictions in place, M&S is using ‘farmer cam’ footage on its website and social channels with interviews from farmers and growers across the country. M&S will also air newly re-edited versions of its Fresh Market Update TV series following ITV’s 6.30pm news every Monday to Thursday (Tuesday to Thursday for the first week), which goes behind the scenes at M&S’s Select Farms across the UK producing beef, pork, salmon, raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes. M&S will also shine a spotlight on British products across its stores with new décor and signage in place. 

Stuart Machin, Managing Director of M&S Food, said: “Despite the enormous challenges they are facing, our family of 10,000 British farmers are supporting us to deliver fantastic quality, fresh food for our customers, so we want to do our bit to support them. That is why we are standing by our long-standing British sourcing commitments, introducing new initiatives to tackle the problems our agricultural sector faces, and – through our new campaign – reminding customers of the incredible food our nation’s farmers produce.“ 

In response to the challenges facing the farming community, M&S has written to major farming unions and Government departments over the last week. The letter encourages the Government to address wider industry challenges around milk volumes and the supply of labour in produce, and outlines M&S’s ongoing commitments and plans to support each agricultural sector, such as dairy and beef farmers, who are facing mounting pressures as sales in the hospitality industry have plunged by almost 60%*. These commitments include: 

Paying a fair price for milk 

In response to the closure of the hospitality industry, M&S is continuing to guarantee a leading and fair price for milk through its Milk Pledge and will always purchase the volume it has committed to regardless of customer demand. M&S pays its farmers more for their milk than any other major retailer**, and as demand for milk is increasing, M&S has been able to help grow supply for farmers including Tim Lock in West Sussex, who has been producing milk for M&S for 21 years and chairs the M&S Milk pool of 44 farmers across the UK.


Tim Lock, M&S dairy farmer from West Sussex

Tim comments: “This has been one of the most difficult periods for many dairy farmers up and down the country, as our cows will still need to be milked despite changes in customer demand and restaurant and cafe closures. We are fortunate to be part of the M&S Milk Pool, and knowing that we’ll always receive a fair and stable milk price gives us the confidence that we will not only pull through this challenging time, but we can continue to invest in our businesses for the years to come.”

Focusing on British sourced beef 

To address pressures facing beef farmers, M&S is investing in new product development and is increasing promotions on products such as steaks to help drive increased volume for farmers. In addition, M&S has launched a 100% British meat food box as part of its new online delivery range, which includes Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers, Beef Casserole Steak and Rump Steak.

New horticulture offer 

M&S is also working hard to support its horticulture suppliers at a time when demand for flowers has fallen. Within one week, M&S worked with its long-standing tulip supplier Poplar Farm Nurseries to launch an online delivery solution to help close the gap in demand, and the retailer has this month introduced bedding plants into 200 of its Foodhalls and online. 

British sourcing commitments – 100% British lamb by June

M&S has a long-standing history of supporting British farmers, such as sourcing all of its RSPCA Assured milk from 44 farms across the UK, and 100% of its beef from 5,100 British farmers which is DNA traceable back to the farm and individual animal. Similarly, 100% of M&S’s fresh pork, chicken, duck, turkey and goose comes from British farms, as well as all the free-range eggs it sells, and by June this year, M&S has committed to selling 100% British lamb. M&S became the first retailer to source 100% British fresh strawberries and 100% British asparagus in early April, and its range will continue expanding as the British seasons commence.

For more information on M&S’s Supporting British Farmers campaign, please visit (live from 28th April): www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order/not-just-any-food/food-news/supporting-british-farmers 

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For further information, please contact: 

M&S External Communications 

0208 718 1919



Notes to Editors: 

*Research according to the March Coffer Peach Business Tracker. 

**Major retailers’ milk prices:


Price per litre (pence)











(*)Highest price quoted

Further detail on M&S’s commitments and support for farmers: 

  • M&S is the only retailer to source RSPCA Assured milk from its 44 Select Farmers across Britain – all of which receive a leading and fair price through its Milk Pledge and will always purchase the volume it has committed to regardless of customer demand. As demand for milk is increasing, M&S has been able to grow its volume sales of liquid milk and at the same time grow the farms it works with. 
  • All M&S beef is sourced from 5,100 British Select Farms and through its Beef DNA programme, M&S can trace all its beef products back to farm and individual animal. To improve carcass imbalance, M&S is focusing on new product design and increased sales activity on steaks such as shelf-end promotions. M&S has also launched a 100% British meat food box as part of its new online delivery range.
  • M&S sources lamb from 4,401 British Select Farms. In Scotland, all M&S fresh lamb is Scottish and has been since 2015, and in England, Wales and Northern Ireland almost all its lamb is from the UK – by June of this year M&S will move to 100% UK lamb and it is continuing to look at opportunities to expand its lamb range.
  • 100% of M&S’s fresh Pork is British and sourced from 80 Outdoor Bred, Free Range or Organic M&S Select Farms.
  • All M&S fresh Chicken, Duck, Turkey and Goose is from 92 Select Farms across the UK and all its free-range shell eggs are from farms in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. M&S has recently introduced a new high welfare, indoor reared Hubbard chicken range to support its commitment to the European Broiler Ask.
  • M&S’s British Produce is from Select Farms, which are traceable to the farms it was grown on. M&S was the first retailer to sell 100% British fresh strawberries and 100% British asparagus this year. The retailer will expand its range of British produce as the seasons commence and it will be fully supporting British growers in many areas including Raspberries, Celery, Blueberries, Cherries, Plums, Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower. 
  • M&S is working hard to support its horticulture suppliers at a time when demand for flowers has fallen. For example, M&S worked with its tulip supplier to develop, set-up and launch an online delivery solution within a week, which is making a big difference. The retailer has also introduced bedding plants into 200 Foodhalls and online.  

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