The Why Behind the Buy: Select Surfaces Spill Defense Flooring

January 14, 2021

If you have kids, they’ve spilled milk, water and even that dreaded grape juice on your floors. And, if you don’t have kids, you likely have that clumsy friend, a pet or maybe you are the one with two left feet.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things. Our buyers have got you covered. We spoke with Joel Heiligenthal, Senior Merchant – Home, about Select Surfaces Spill Defense Laminate Flooring, the DIY home makeover must have item at Sam’s Club.

Question: Wait, Sam’s Club sells flooring?

Answer: Sam’s Club is all about curating an assortment that will surprise and delight our members. Our Select Surfaces Spill Defense flooring does just that. It’s high-quality, we have multiple styles for whatever style our members have and is incredibly easy to install.

Question: Updating your floors can feel pretty daunting… Is it easy to put in?

Answer:It’s truly the easiest of all flooring options that I’ve found – check out this video for a tutorial. There’s no gluing and no nailing. The underlayment is already attached, so you don’t have to prepare the floor before you install it. A tape measure, a T square and a saw is all you’ll need.

Question: Laminate flooring may not be a top choice for everyone. Why do you love this option?

Answer: Laminate flooring has come a long way since it was originally introduced to the market. It has a lot of advantages that hardwood doesn’t. This SpillDefense laminate flooring is waterproof for 24 hours, has a 2 mm foam backer attached, and total thickness ranges from 10 mm to 14 mm. The backer coupled with the overall thickness of the flooring impacts how the flooring looks, sounds, and feels when you walk across it. It gives foot traffic a deep tone versus a clicking noise that is often associated with thinner laminates.

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Finally, the flooring has an AC4 traffic rating, which means it’s classified as heavy residential and light commercial. With a lifetime residential warranty and 10-year light commercial warranty, this flooring is perfect for rental homes and homes with pets and children. A 100 sq. ft. project can be completed for $189 – $199.

Question: What colors/styles are available?

Answer: Laminate flooring offers versatile options for all décor aesthetics and comes in a variety of styles. From walnut and pine to oak and barnwood, we work closely with the manufacturer to identify styles, textures and colors for our members by market and region. An average club will have four to eight style options, and we have an expanded assortment available on Our most popular color is Barnwood. The wider planks are on trend, and our members love it. Our product is embossed which means that there are light indentions to replicate authentic wood floors with realistic saw marks and authentic woodgrain texture.

Question: Laminate flooring seems to be growing in popularity. How long has it been around?

Answer: Members love it for its durability, cost and the ease of installation. It’s a terrific DIY product. We’ve sold the equivalent to 839 football fields or 10,286 basketball courts in the past year! The product has been around for 12 years, and our members have loved it ever since.

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Question: Have you seen an increase in sales recently?

Answer: Across the industry, 2020 saw an incredible lift in home improvement projects. With consumers staying home more, they focused on projects around the house. Our flooring options provided an easy home update, that can make a world of difference.

Question: Do you mind sharing some of your favorite projects you’ve seen from members? We love before and after photos.

Answer: Sure thing! Here are a few before and after photos that show the impact that the floors can make for the aesthetic of a room.

Question: Any tips and tricks to install or picking a color?

Answer: For installation, it’s all about the click system and the attached backer. My suggestion on selecting a color perfect for your space would be to use the room visualizer to try out different styles in your home. But fair warning… try not to immediately fall in love!

Check back soon to learn about more products and the why behind the buy.

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