Introducing the Polar Vantage 2 running watch

The Polar Vantage is back and this time it’s dripping with dazzling new features that marks it out as one of the best.

The Vantage 2 comes two years after the original adorned the wrists of riders, runners, gym-goers, adventurers, and swimmers – and it’s been two years well-spent.

What’s most refreshing about the watch is how user-centred it is in all aspects of the design.

A premium finish gives the watch a quality look but, importantly, it also boosts the GPS signal to keep you connected wherever you are.

The classic five button system makes light work of navigating menus, while you also have the option of using the full-colour touch screen.

Polar Vantage V2 GPS Watch

Polar Vantage V2 GPS Watch

Polar Vantage 2 features

Along with boosted aesthetic and intuititve design, the Polar Vantage 2’s list of features is impressive. Some of the highlights include:

  • Running and Cycling Performance tests – personalise your heart rate, speed and power zones using performance tests for both running and cycling.
  • A dedicated VO2max test – normally the preserve of sports performance labs.
  • Leg Recovery Test – a quick and easy way to test how well your leg muscles have recovered and whether you’re ready for speed or strength training
  • Music controls – navigate around your playlist or adjust volume on the go with music controls right on your wrist
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But the Vantage packs much more, borrowing some of the best features from Polar’s recently launched Grit X and Unite watches, such as:

  • Training Load Pro & Recovery Pro to balance & optimise your training and recovery
  • Nightly Recharge for automatic daily recovery status
  • FitSpark on-demand training guidance and plans
  • Running Power directly from wrist to measure external load of your running
  • FuelWise smart fueling assistant gives you carbs and drink reminders on long races or training sessions

Polar Vantage 2 – the details

But, apart from the wide gamut of features, it’s in the details where the watch excels.

For example, the one-button lock mode which you can engage before or during an activity which prevents you from accidentally stopping your tracking by a misplaced tap on the touch screen.

Even the rounded finish on the aluminium backplate has been carefully thought through to give extra flexibility in your wrist – ideal for cyclists especially.

As well as these hardware feature upgrades, the Vantage 2 also has a lot of software upgrades offering advantages over the original V.

For example, when first booting-up the watch, you’ll find a familiar an intuitive interface borrowed from the industry standard. Swipe easily through different widget screens and get easy access to all the key features of the watch right from the get-go.

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Polar Vantage 2 – Vo2max

Polar Vantage 2

But we haven’t even devlved into the best bit yet, which is the watch’s optimised VO2max feature.

Here’s James with a detailed look at the feature using the Polar Vantage 2.

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