The Argos website now features images that depict the realities of IPL hair removal routines, as over 11 million women find talking about hair removal embarrassing or uncomfortable

From this week, the Argos and Philips websites are using refreshed images of IPL hair removal, using the Philips’s Lumea, after Brits said they want to see more true-to-life depictions of hair removal routines.

A nationwide poll of 2,000 people revealed that hard-to-reach spots (32 per cent) and more relatable body shapes (30 per cent) all made the list of what Brits want to see more of in hair removal images. The new Argos images aim to update depictions of hair removal, celebrating and embracing the diversity of hair removal experiences.

Argos is encouraging Brits to share their own hair removal experiences on social media using the hashtag #MyHairRemoval in a bid to normalise talking about this everyday part of people’s grooming routines. The initiative comes as over 11 million women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about hair removal, while a huge 89 per cent of women surveyed on hair removal said they do so as they prefer a smoother overall look and feel. 

The leading beauty retailer teamed up with Philips to provide models and influencers with the Lumea IPL device to use on whichever part of their body they chose. The lightweight tool uses intense pulsed light (IPL), which makes creating long lasting hair removal results easier, wherever that may be desired. 

Some 44 per cent of women have changed their hair removal method because it was too painful, with 89 per cent experiencing mishaps including razor burn in intimate areas (46 per cent) or burning themselves with hair removal cream (20 per cent). The Lumea device is a convenient pain free alternative to avoid nicks and cuts as well as ingrown hair and razor bumps. 

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Sales of IPL hair removal devices on the Argos website have increased by a massive 20 per cent between February and July year-on-year as customers turned to at-home hair removal options that offer a more permanent way of removing hair, as an alternative to being able to go to a salon.

However, the research showed that Brits are becoming more selective when it comes to where they remove hair. While 82 per cent of women still get rid of hair on their legs, one in 10 (10 per cent) have chosen to stop removing hair from their bikini line in the last five years, no longer caring what other people thought (25 per cent) and feeling that it took too much time (27 per cent).  

The average person spends over 75 hours every year on removing hair and over half (53 per cent) of women remove unwanted hair at least twice a week. More than two in five (43 per cent) say they choose to remove hair because they like the look of bare skin, but despite calls for more choice in hair removal and the rise of openness around hair removal being an individual choice, a quarter of women (26 per cent) of women still claimed that they felt pressured to remove hair by social media and society.

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For those who choose to remove body hair, the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal device is a simple and easy way to not only save time throughout the year, but to achieve long last results. With five different light settings to suit a variety of skin and hair tones, you can expect to achieve 85 per cent hair reduction after three treatments.

Jess Pasco, Senior Buyer (Personal Care) at Argos, said: “We all have different needs when it comes to hair removal, but by posting images of real hair removal on our website, we’re opening up the conversation and encouraging our customers to be honest about body hair. 

“We want our customers to see themselves reflected in these images and feeling reassured that we understand that the reality of hair removal isn’t as glamorous as it is often seen online.”

Jess Gregory, Philips Lumea Marketing Manager, said, “Hair removal doesn’t need to be a chore or something we’re embarrassed about – it’s a part of our everyday routines. We want women who use Lumea to feel empowered by their hair removal and what works best for them, through a personalised programme to suit their needs and choices.”


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