Amazon sellers buying Hermes services through Amazon Seller Central beware

If you are an Amazon Seller purchasing delivery services through Amazon Seller Central then you will be familiar with the delivery options available to you. You can purchase delivery services through the carriers that Amazon shows you for the product you are wishing to ship. Seamless, quick and without any issues, you’d think. Except one. What happens when a parcel doesn’t get delivered?

Some Amazon sellers are finding themselves out of pocket with Hermes delivery. Sellers on Amazon successfully sell an item on Amazon Marketplace, then select Hermes as the delivery option. Amazon automatically gives the delivery a tracking code from Hermes, and items are then tracked through the system.

For most deliveries, items are delivered to the customer without an issue. But what happens when one ‘goes missing’? Is the purchaser entitled to receive compensation – as all Hermes deliveries are insured up to £20 as standard?

One Amazon marketplace seller recently had such an issue where he purchased Hermes delivery services through Amazon Seller Central – but the item had not been delivered to the customer and was two weeks late. The tracking on the item said ‘Arrived at a carrier Facility’. He chased Hermes Customer Support and received this reply:

I would like to thank you for your patience whilst this incident has been outstanding with us. I can now see the we have been unable to gain a full resolution into this meaning we would deem the item lost and would hence advise you to contact the retailer of the parcel, that being Amazon, regarding a refund. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused. Please do not hesitate to contact us back regarding any further queries.

So he asked Amazon Seller Central support. This is the reply he got:

I understand that you need assistance with regards to your order. Kindly allow me to address your concern. The Order is Seller Fulfilled and if it’s the carrier fault please contact carrier directly for the reimbursement as the order is fulfilled by the seller. Amazon doesn’t have any involvement in MFN orders and the seller needs to directly communicate with the courier company to settle the dispute. If this is Fulfilled by Amazon, then we will be able to handle the process, as for your MFN order Amazon is only a channel for you to select a courier company and we don’t have any involvement or communication with the courier company to deal with this dispute. Please get in touch with the courier company again and resolve your case directly with them.

So there you have it. If one of your shipped items goes missing, it’s no-one else fault and tough luck. In these circumstances, some Amazon Sellers are no longer purchasing Hermes delivery services through Seller Central and are purchasing services direct through the Hermes website.

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