A Few of My Favorite Things with Megan Crozier

September 25, 2020

By Megan Crozier, Chief Merchant, Sam’s Club

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Hi, I’m Megan! Yes, I’m the chief merchandising officer of one of the largest retailers in the United States. But I’m also a mother of two, a wife, a Sam’s Club member – Plus, of course – and a tiiiiny bit of a shopaholic, especially when it comes to all the cool items you can find at Sam’s.

Since I work with the team to pick the items you see in the club, it’s safe to say I know a little bit about our merchandise. And not just what items are cool; I know which items are quality, which items are totally unique and which items are priced at an unbelievable value.

So, I wanted to start sharing a few of my favorite Sam’s Club finds with you every month. Take a look!

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