What is Cross-Dock Fulfilment and how does it work?

Traditionally with cross-dock fulfilment goods are received from a supplier or client based within the domestic country or from an international warehouse. The goods received are unloaded, checked, and sorted for despatch then directly reloaded onto outbound vehicles for their despatch journey.

Product orders going to the same destination can easily be consolidated for cost efficiencies for despatch and larger consignments are broken down into smaller groups, for easier deliveries. Both processes allow for a more efficient supply chain and quicker delivery for the end customers.

What types of businesses would benefit from cross-dock fulfilment:

  • eCommerce products
  • Stable product demands and sales levels
  • Pre-packed goods
  • Time-sensitive or perishable goods
  • Focused range or a small number of SKUs
  • Daily deal/flash sales companies

    What is the difference between Pick and Pack and Cross-Dock Fulfilment:

    Pick and Pack

    The supplier sends in mixed goods and products. These items are not typically packed and ready for despatch. On receipt of the goods, Whistl stores the items as stock inventory and then goods are picked and packed ready for despatch when a customer purchases the goods.


    This process allows the client or supplier to send in consignments of complete pre-sold and pre-packed products or a consignment where a percentage of pre-sold goods are mixed with inventory stock. The process of cross-dock from Whistl creates improved cost efficiencies and despatch times, minimising the time that it takes for goods to arrive with the end customer.

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    The advantages of Cross-Dock Fulfilment:

    • Product handling efficiencies, including cost savings on re-packaging, warehouse storage and inventory management
    • Transparent goods handling process with improved automation of scanning and despatch
    • Quicker customer deliveries, through improved despatch times. With sold goods being received and despatched within one day.


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