SingPost introduces new price structure for package and parcel deliveries within Singapore and internationally from 15 October

  • Lower rates and improved services for all local letterbox package deliveries, including postage-paid products such as Poly M and SmartPac
  • Flat rate of $6 for Speedpost Standard next-day delivery services within Singapore for parcels up to 30kg, compared to previous tiered-pricing of up to $16
  • Rates for international deliveries streamlined to four weight-tiers within each zone
  • Speedpost International services enhanced, with free collection service

Singapore, 15 September 2020 – As a part of its on-going efforts to improve its customer offerings, Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) will be adjusting its pricing structure and rates for letterbox package deliveries as well as doorstep parcel deliveries, effective 15 October 2020.

Pricing for local package and parcel deliveries will be simplified to a flat rate for each service type, while the rate structure for international deliveries will be simplified and cheaper for most customers.

These adjustments also come at a time of an uptrend in eCommerce volumes amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, allowing SingPost to better cater to the evolving needs of the local community, in time for the year-end eCommerce peak season.

Domestic package and parcel delivery prices to be streamlined; more customers to enjoy lower prices

SingPost is streamlining its package (letterbox delivery) and parcel (doorstep delivery) rates, with an introduction of a new flat rate for most of its domestic delivery options, including postage-paid products, Poly M and SmartPac. The new price structure will result in lower prices for most services, giving rise to cost-savings for both consumers and businesses.

Basic services (letterbox delivery, no tracking capabilities)

  1. Basic Package, now priced between $0.90 and $3.50, will, from 15 October, cost a flat rate of $1.50 for items up to 2kg, with dimensions of up to 324mm by 229mm by 65mm. The service does not offer customers any form of tracking or notification for their deliveries and is delivered to the letterbox.

  2. Postage-paid product Poly M, will be standardised at $2.00 for both small and large Poly M products. Customers will be able to send items up to 2kg in each Poly M, regardless of size.

  3. All Basic services for packages will be delivered to the letterbox within two working days, down from the previous service standard of three working days.

Tracked services (letterbox delivery, with tracking capabilities)

  1. Tracked Package,now priced between $3.20 and $4.80, will, from 15 October, cost a flat rate of $3.00 for items up to 2kg with dimensions of up to 324mm by 229mm by 65mm. Tracked Packages are delivered directly to the letterbox, with delivery progress tracking as well as notifications for the recipient.

  2. Trackable postage-paid product SmartPac will now only have two price categories, from the previous three. SmartPac Mini and SmartPac Lite, will both be priced at $3.20, with maximum weight limits increased to 2kg. SmartPac Box will cost $3.80, down from the previous $4.70. However, the weight limit of the SmartPac Box will be lowered to 2kg.

  3. A summary of the revised services can be found below:

The revised postage rates and prices for package deliveries within Singapore and postage-paid products can be found in Appendix 1.

Enhancement of Speedpost services within Singapore

SingPost will also be enhancing its local parcel delivery services under Speedpost to give customers better value.

The next-day parcel doorstep delivery service called Speedpost Standard, will cost a flat rate of $6 for local deliveries, with a maximum weight limit of 30kg, with dimensions of up to 600mm by 400mm by 300mm.

SingPost will discontinue its Speedpost Economy service within Singapore from 15 October. The last day of service for Speedpost Economy will be on 14 October 2020.

There are no changes to the rates and service for Speedpost Express, the two-hour express delivery service, which costs between $15 and $25.

The revised service rates for Speedpost (Singapore) can be found in Appendix 2.

Restructuring of international package delivery rates and Speedpost International service rates

SingPost will also be streamlining its international delivery service rates for packages and Speedpost International service.

International Packages

International package services will be revised to two categories: Basic Package (International) and Registered Package (International).

The price structure of international package deliveries will also be revised to four weight tiers: 250g, 500g, 1kg and 2kg. The new price structure will be more user-friendly for customers when calculating postage for their packages.

There are no changes to airmail and aerogramme rates, which were last adjusted in December 2019. International packages delivery rates were last adjusted in January 2018.

The revised postage rates for international packages can be found in Appendix 3.

Speedpost International service revisions

Speedpost will reduce its suite of international services from four to three services: Speedpost Express, Speedpost Priority and Speedpost Economy. Speedpost Standard (International) will cease from 15 October 2020.

As a service enhancement, a free collection service will be made available for all Speedpost International services from 15 October. Previously, only Speedpost Express and Speedpost Priority international services enjoy this service.

Speedpost will also reorganise all international destinations into four zones, down from the previous five. Pricing for all international parcel delivery services will also be revised to four weight tiers: 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 20kg. The maximum acceptable weight per parcel will now be 20kg.

In addition, Speedpost will introduce a new document rate for Speedpost Express (International) and Speedpost Priority (International), which will accept paper documents of up to 1kg.

The new service rates and summary for Speedpost International can be found in Appendix 4.

Streamlining SingPost’s offerings to create better value for customers

Mr Vincent Phang, CEO of Postal Services and Singapore, SingPost, said: “Following the introduction of our package delivery service in December last year, we have seen a strong take-up of both Tracked and Basic Package services, as they will allow a secured delivery service to the letterbox, so the recipient won’t have to stay at home to wait for their items to be delivered.

“As such, we have further streamlined our package and parcel delivery services to enhance our offerings for customers. This round of enhancements provides cost savings and improved services for the majority of our customers, as they send more packages and parcels than ever before. The revised pricing structure is also built with our customers in mind, so that they can easily understand the suite of services we offer and how much they cost.

“We are committed to keeping our postal service relevant in the eCommerce age to better serve the needs of our customers,” Mr Phang added.

– End –

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About Singapore Post Limited

For more than 160 years, Singapore Post (SingPost), as the country’s postal service provider, has been delivering trusted and reliable services to homes and businesses in Singapore. Today, SingPost is pioneering and leading in eCommerce logistics as well as providing innovative mail and logistics solutions in Singapore and around the world, with operations in 19 markets.

Building on its trusted communications through domestic and international postal services, SingPost is taking the lead in end-to-end integrated and digital mail solutions. The suite of SingPost eCommerce logistics solutions includes front end web management, warehousing and fulfilment, last mile delivery and international freight forwarding.

Appendix 1 – Domestic Postage Rates for Packages & Postage-Paid Packaging

 Until 14 October 2020From 15 October 2020
Service TypeBasic PackageTracked PackageBasic PackageTracked Package
Weight Step up to
Maximum DimensionsUp to 324 x 229 x 65mmUp to 324 x 229 x 65mm

   Until 14 October 2020  From 15 October 2020
 Product type Weight limit Price Weight limit Price
 Poly M (Small) 500g $2.00     2kg $2.00
 Poly M (Large) 1kg $2.90
 SmartPac Mini 500g $3.20  $3.20 
 SmartPac Lite1kg $3.80
 SmartPac Box 3kg $4.70 $3.80


  • All rates are in Singapore Dollars and inclusive of GST.
  • Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to for more details.

Appendix 2 – Service Rates for Speedpost deliveries within Singapore

   Until 14 October 2020  From 15 October 2020
 Service Type  Speedpost Standard  Speedpost Economy  Speedpost Standard  Speedpost Economy
 Weight Step up to
 2kg $10.00 $6.00Discontinued
 5kg $10.50 
 10kg $11.50 
 15kg $12.50 
 20kg $13.50 
 30kg $16.00 
 Maximum DimensionsUp to 2kg: 320mm x 250mm x 100mm
Above 2kg & up to 30kg: Sum of height & girth (2W + 2H) not exceeding 3m, with longest edge not more than 1.5m
 600mm x 400mm x 300mm*  N.A.

*For posting of bulky parcels larger than 600mm x 400mm x 300mm but with total dimensions L+2W+2H within 3m (max length 1.5m) and with weight of up to 30kg, a delivery rate of $12.00 will apply.


  • No change to Speedpost Express rates and service.
  • All rates are in Singapore Dollars.
  • Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to for more details.

Appendix 3 – International Postage Rates for Packages

With effect from 15 October 2020:

 Zone Weight Step Basic Package (International) Registered Package (International)

Zone 1

Malaysia, Brunei

 250g $3.50 $7.10
 500g $5.70 $9.30
 1kg $10.10 $13.70
 2kg $20.00 $23.60

Zone 2

Asia & Pacific
(except Australia, New

Zealand & Japan)

 250g $5.70 $9.30
 500g $12.50 $16.10
 1kg $22.50 $26.10
 2kg $45.00 $48.60

Zone 3

Australia, New Zealand,

Japan & Rest of the


 250g $8.30 $11.90
 500g $17.50 $21.10
 1kg $31.50 $35.10
 2kg $63.00 $66.60


  • All rates are in Singapore Dollars.
  • Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to for more details.

Appendix 4 – Service Rates for Speedpost international deliveries

 Zone Weight Step Express Priority Economy

Zone A


 Document (1kg) $25 $20 –
 2kg $61 $39 $26
 5kg $91 $55 $26
 10kg $122 $78 $43
 20kg $158 $115 $66

Zone B


 Document (1kg) $50 $45 –
 2kg $108 $78 $37
 5kg $180 $123 $37
 10kg $269 $182 $64
 20kg $398 $278 $106

Zone C

Australia, New

Zealand, Europe,

USA & Canada

 Document (1kg) $75 $70 –
 2kg $159 $107 $80
 5kg $259 $161 $80
 10kg $400 $232 $135
 20kg $569 $354 $202

Zone D

Rest of the World

 Document (1kg) $100 $95 –
 2kg $393 $155 $86
 5kg $630 $260 $86
 10kg $929 $386 $160
 20kg $1,388 $603 $282


  • Maximum weight for Speedpost International parcel is 20kg. Maximum weight may differ, depending on destination country.
  • Detailed list of countries in each zone and expected time of delivery differs from country to country. Detailed information will be available on from 15 October 2020.
  • All rates are in Singapore Dollars.
  • Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to for more details.

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