Should You Choose Tracked or Standard Parcel Delivery Service?

Tracked Delivery
Tracked parcels delivery is sometimes confused with signed for delivery, but there is a difference between the two. With signed for delivery, it only shows where a parcel is once it has been signed for, there is no visibility en route. Whereas with parcel tracking you can view where the package is and its delivery progress along the way.

At Whistl, our postage and parcel tracking services include a wide range of options, whether it’s for part tracked letters to fully tracked parcels for next day delivery or even based on the item’s final destination with domestic and international services.  Whistl works with carefully selected carrier partners, in worldwide destinations, so first-time delivery success is easily possible with our tracked services.  

Benefits of Tracked Delivery

The main benefit of tracked parcel delivery services is that they provide peace of mind for both your e-commerce business and for your customers. Many clients and customers will be encouraged by parcel tracking options, especially if they require products quickly. Such visibility also presents your business as trustworthy and reliable, as well as creating opportunities to contact customers with new offers and information.

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The ability to track items in-flight means allows the end recipient to review the status of the item delivery and minimise customer queries on the location and delivery time of their order. It also means your business has a clearer understanding of potential inventory and revenue, especially if payments are due to be taken from the customer after delivery. 

Ideal for…

  • Businesses selling expensive products will especially benefit from parcel tracking, as both customers and the company will really want to ensure items get delivered safely.
  • Large retailers and e-Commerce hoping to streamline their delivery processes and make it as easy as possible to keep tabs on many deliveries will make the most of tracked deliveries too.
  • For international retailers, this can be a crucial part of the customer journey, as the ability to see and ‘track’ their goods from the country of origin to their choice of destination will build confidence in the seller and can minimise frustrations in typically longer delivery durations. 

With one invoice, a range of formats, optional delivery days, and more, this can make parcel tracking a lot clearer for retailers with an online and physical presence and e-commerce companies. Smaller businesses selling via Amazon and eBay can use tracked services, to give their customers a premium delivery experience.    

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