Results from Whistl’s survey of consumers in key international ecommerce markets.

In the UK, France, Germany and Australia, Credit Card is the second preferred option, whereas in Ireland it is third (Debit Card is second in Ireland).

A preference for Debit Card is significantly higher among 18-39 year olds compared to older age groups.

Melanie Darvall, Director Marketing & Communications, Whistl, said: “The predominance of China as the marketplace for international online shoppers in not really surprising.  However, the value of our research findings is the information e-tailers can use to help maximise the opportunities for international sales in these key markets whether it’s the sales platforms used, optimisation of website or social media strategy.

“Consumer habits vary by geography, gender and age and our guide provides insight into these key international online markets and the drivers of consumer behaviour.”

The survey took place in the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and the USA. 

For a copy of the guide – CLICK HERE


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