Postin nimissä liikkeellä huijausviestejä – älä reagoi, älä klikkaa yllättäviä linkkejä

There is an increasing number of different phishing messages circulating, and Posti is sometimes used as the fake sender. The latest phishing messages are written in good Finnish and, largely, they look very convincing. The messages may even include Posti’s logo.

Most of the time, the phishing messages are either SMS or email messages. The contents of the phishing messages vary, but often they pretend to notify the recipient of the arrival of an item, a prize they have won or an unpaid delivery charge.

A fake SMS message may appear in the same message thread as authentic notices of arrival, as if it were sent by the same sender.

Scammers typically send out phishing messages using the name of a recognized company as the sender. For further information regarding online scams or to get help with identifying phishing messages, see The Consumers’ Union of Finland’s Huijausinfo website (in Finnish).

Here are a few important quick tips:

– You should not open a phishing message. You should never give your personal, bank or user information unless you are absolutely certain about the sender. Delete the message without opening it.

– If you encounter a suspicious message, do not take any of the measures requested or required by the message and do not respond to an email message.

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– You can track your parcels via the OmaPosti application or on our website at

– Currently, Posti does not have a campaign where you can win something or get a discount.

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