Ways to tackle the spread of coronavirus using viricidal surface decontamination – Bioquell

An article recently featured in Labmate discusses how Bioquell’s hydrogen peroxide vapour technology has been previously used to combat viruses similar to COVID-19. It reviews experience Bioquell has with other coronaviruses (such as SARS and MERS-CoV) and emerging pathogens.

Importantly, the article states that “surface contamination has been implicated in the transmission of certain viruses, including coronavirus, and surface decontamination as an effective measure to interrupt the spread of these agents. Respiratory viruses can contaminate and survive for long periods on environmental surfaces. This plays a key role in their spread making effective disinfection essential for stopping transmission from the environment, especially as many of these viruses have a low infective dose.”

Hydrogen peroxide vapour from Bioquell is quickly becoming a preferred method of environmental decontamination due to its proven efficacy and strong history against coronaviruses.

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