BD Receives EUA for New Antigen Test to Combat COVID-19

Notably, BD is likely to ramp up manufacturing capacity to two million tests per week by the end of September. The company anticipates to deliver up to 10 million tests from July through September.

With the introduction of this test, BD’s Lifesciences segment is likely to receive a boost.

BD Veritor System at a Glance

The BD Veritory System offers a one-button functionality, workflow flexibility and is easy-to-use, thereby making it an ideal solution for settings without laboratory personnel. Additionally, it provides customers with real-time reporting capabilities through BD Synapsys informatics solution, which helps them to report data for disease monitoring and surveillance purposes easily.

Significance of BD’s New Test Amid COVID-19 Crisis

This new antigen test delivers results in 15 minutes with the help of an easy-to-use and highly portable instrument. This, in turn, enables real-time results and decision making while the patient is still onsite. The new assay leverages more than 25,000 BD Veritor instruments that are already in use throughout the United States, thereby rapidly expanding access to COVID-19 testing.

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