BD associates celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month remotely

As we entered Pride Month during lockdown, the Inclusion and Diversity team reimagined the celebrations to reach UK and Ireland associates remotely. New content and initiatives were shared each week to help drive important conversations and highlight challenges the LGBTQ+ community still face today.

Alongside the various activities, BD also ran a fundraiser for LGBT Foundation which is a national charity delivering advice, support and information services to lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities. Through the generous donations of BD associates, £250 was raised which will help the LGBT Foundation continue delivering their important life-saving work.

A wrap up of LGBTQ+ Pride Month at BD in the UK and Ireland

Week One: UK&I Townhall Takeover: Celebrating Pride

Week one saw a special townhall for all associates which explored LGBTQ+ history and why we still need Pride in 2020. Information was shared on why Pride is important in the workplace, as well as statistics on LGBTQ+ health and wellbeing and the impact of COVID-19 on the community.

Week Two: How to be an ally

The second week of Pride Month saw an article shared with associates with ten tips on how to be an ally, encouraging associates to listen, have important conversations and help change the world. Associates were asked to pledge ‘I am an ally because…’ or ‘I need an ally because…’ and soon we had numerous personal messages of support for colleagues and wider LGBTQ+ community.

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Week Three: Celebrating LGBTQ+ content creators

Week three of Pride celebrations focused on sharing a huge list of recommendations for associates to explore. Books, TV shows, films, documentaries, music, podcasts, and educational Instagram accounts were shared with associates which were written by, feature members of or support the LGBTQ+ community.

Week Four: The Importance of Intersectionality

The fourth week of Pride Month focused on the topic of intersectionality, highlighting how identity is complex and multi-faceted. A video was shared of BD associates discussing why identity is so complex, and how different aspects of our identity overlap and compound which affects us all in our day to day lives.

Week Five: BD UK&I associates recreate the pride flag

Throughout the month of June, associates were given the opportunity to be part of the BD UK&I Pride Flag, using their Microsoft Teams background to recreate the colours. Visibility is powerful, and to have a visual representation of associates who are willing to listen, support and empower LGBTQ+ associates and the wider community is special and important.

Happy Pride Month from everyone at BD!

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