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Some of the world’s funniest people are busy making sure we don’t go without fresh laughs. From going live on social media to streaming full-length shows, our comedians are putting all-new material out there.

Here’s our guide to some of the best original comedy available online.

Sean McLoughlin

A spare bedroom is as good as any stage, so Sean is going old school and hosting a Pirate Radio show from his home. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 22:00, you can tune into Sean’s show from his YouTube page to hear songs, stories and phone-in guests. This isn’t going to be any old radio programme. Like the pirate radios in the 1960s, this is our way of sticking it to the man.

Romesh Ranganathan

Crawley’s finest is giving us a live show from inside his own home. Via Facebook, YouTube and his own podcast channel, Romesh is posting regular live videos. Whether from his bed, the kitchen or in a quiet sunny corner, you’ll be able to tune in with Romesh every day around lunchtime.

Hundreds of people look forward to Kaneing when it comes around on Russell’s social media every week. The few minutes of ranting, about everything from politics to Love Island, are a wonderful way to laugh about the week’s silliest moments. Now he’s taking the show live on Instagram so we can all experience the absurdity together as one. Russell has also been dropping hints about an announcement for a virtual tour that you will be able to stream based on your location.

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Iliza Schlesinger

For everyone who loves a little late night cooking and comedy, check out Iliza’s Instagram and Facebook pages to see what you need to take part in the next Don’t Panic Pantry. The Texan comedian has been hosting virtual get-togethers throughout March on Instagram and Facebook so you can cook along with her at home. So far people have been tuning in every day at 00:00 GMT to make stir-fries, soups, tacos and all sorts of goodies.

On Saturday 21 March, Phil Jupitus, Jo Caulfield and more comedy greats got together to stream a live comedy set from The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh. Over 33,000 people tuned in from their living rooms to catch the free show and top up on some much needed laughs. With success like that, The Stand have pledged they will do another this Saturday 28 March. Line-up to be confirmed.

Daniel Sloss

The Scottish comedy superstar hosted his first Drunk With Dan session last Friday… and he’s promised to do another this Friday! Make sure you’ve poured yourself a glass, cracked open a can or just put a really long straw straight into your wine bottle before he goes live at 12:30 GMT on Friday 27 March.

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The Brooklyn 99 star is getting creative with her make-up on Instagram. Very creative. With interesting eyeshadow applications (that don’t necessarily have to involve eyelids), she delivers these “tutorials” with the calm manners of the most serious beauty blogger. Be sure to keep following to see what she has in store next.

Jonathan Pie

For some, he’s the only reputable news source around. For a satirical reading of current events, tune into Jonathan Pie: LOCKDOWN on Instagram to see that everyone, including reporters, can do their bit by working from home. Normally, Jonathan would be spitting the truth from the streets but now he’s making do from his home office… if he ever get’s the VPN set up.

Those who like dissecting what makes a good joke need to be tuning into Tip Your Waitstaff on Instagram every day at 18:00 GMT where he’s joined by fellow comedians to share jokes they were working on for their cancelled or rescheduled tours. So far, the likes of John Mulaney, Nikki Glaser and Maria Bomford have phoning in with Sarah Silverman and Melissa Villaseñor set to join upcoming livestreams. Giving everyone a laugh is not the only good Tip Your Waitstaff is doing, so far they have raised over $60,000 for workers in comedy clubs who have lost their incomes.

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Sam Avery

The Learner Parent takes on a whole new meaning now that Sam is teaching his kids at home while the schools are closed. What parents don’t have that schools do is a staff room where they can all go and take time to decompress. Every evening at 20:00 GMT, Sam is hosting The Homeschool Staffroom on Facebook. It’s not enough to just tune in though, Sam sets a topic on his social media every day for all you parent-teachers to discuss.

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