March 11 Wellness Day information now available online

Intellectual and spiritual wellness are important components of overall wellness, explained Dan Murphy, programming committee co-lead and director for Student Orientation and Transition Programs.

“Intellectual wellness is about stimulating our minds, whether it’s by learning new skills, participating in challenging conversations or reading enjoyable books,” said Murphy. “Spiritual wellness is about accessing peace and a sense of meaning through religion, mindfulness, nature or whatever path feels right to us. Both are essential to being healthy, happy, whole human beings. We want to encourage Penn Staters to pause on March 11 and consider how they can nurture their minds and spirits.”

The March 11 Wellness Day will provide Penn Staters with an opportunity to engage with Penn State programs and resources that relate to intellectual and spiritual wellness (in addition to social and emotional wellness, which are at the core of all Wellness Day programming). Programs and resources will include: 

  • “Fuel for Thought Meal,” hosted by Penn State Campus Dining locations across the commonwealth and featuring delicious “brain-boosting” foods. In-person events such as this will follow COVID-19 safety measures, including masking and physical distancing.
  • “The Anxiety Project,” presented by the HUB-Robeson Galleries at University Park and featuring works by William Doan, professor of theatre at Penn State. The project invites Penn Staters to contribute to community art boards as an opportunity for reflection and expression. The project will be on view daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the HUB Gallery and online through March 14.
  • “Confronting White Feminism,” a recorded virtual keynote by Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin of Unladylike. Their talk will discuss how feminism and white womanhood have pushed up against racial equity in past and present social justice movements.
  • Resources for forming a book club focused on intellectual and spiritual wellness and overcoming adversity, sponsored by the University Libraries. The Libraries will provide the books to your student organization or group, as well as discussion resources and fun extras to help you along the way.
  • Additional resources participants can explore at their leisure, including book recommendations, articles, podcasts, music, pre-recorded yoga and meditation classes and more.
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More information about Wellness Day programs and resources, including FAQs, is available at These resources will be available not only on Wellness Days but throughout the semester.

Members of the Penn State community who would like to submit activities, events, programs and resources that support the intellectual and spiritual wellness theme can do so by emailing

The third and final spring 2021 Wellness Day on April 7 will focus on physical and environmental wellness.

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Last Updated March 05, 2021

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