YRC Freight expands regional next-day service

Latest step in YRCW’s enterprise network optimisation strategy

YRC Worldwide has announced the expansion of YRC Freight’s Regional Next-Day Service to the mid-South region and also Waco, Texas. With the addition of more two-day lanes between the mid-South and Texas, YRC Freight’s Regional Next-Day service expansion is the latest step in YRCW’s enterprise network optimisation strategy.

Through the Regional Next-Day service, customers in Texas and the mid-South can access just-in-time scheduling that offers benefits of lowered inventory cost and fewer supply chain interruptions. Results have been very successful since the Company launched a Regional Next-Day service in Texas last autumn, and it’s now expanding the service in six new states.

The Regional Next-Day service in Texas connects 11 terminals across the state to provide best-in-class service. In the mid-South, Little Rock and Springdale, Ark.; Springfield, Mo.; Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla.; Shreveport, La.; Memphis, Tenn.; Jackson, Miss. and Texarkana, Tex. will be connected through YRC Freight’s network and Regional Next-Day service offering. Customers will now have access to faster transit times and more streamlined supply chains, along with fewer damages due to less freight handling.

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YRC Freight is currently performing at or above best-in-class competitors with a 98.5% on-time performance and a claims ratio of 0.13%.

The expansion is a strategic investment to position YRC Freight for growth, operational improvements and continued responsiveness in servicing customers with the YRCW companies’ strong, flexible network.

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