Kenco Logistics launches TMS for small to mid-sized shippers

Users can leverage the buying power of a national 3PL with pre-qualified carriers

Kenco Logistics has launched its latest technology offering, Kenco STARR. This advanced transportation management system (TMS) empowers small to mid-sized shippers with the resources they need to effectively manage their transportation networks and drive business success.

Kenco STARR is part of the Company’s commitment to digital transformation at every level of the supply chain. With fast and easy deployment without integration, out-of-the-box reporting, and intuitive user experience, Kenco customers can quickly leverage this TMS tool to optimise their transportation networks for greater returns and customer satisfaction. As Kenco customers have come to expect, Kenco STARR includes access to free training and specialised services through a single, personal point of contact.

At a time when the freight market is extremely volatile due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mitigating carrier increases and increasing supply chain reliability are paramount for companies of all sizes.

Leveraging Kenco STARR, customers can replace manual tendering, tracking, and invoice settlement processes with automation for advanced efficiency and accuracy. In addition, users can leverage the buying power of a national 3PL with pre-qualified carriers to reduce freight costs. Through enhanced visibility into in-transit shipments and accurate historic data, users are empowered to make data-driven business decisions.

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