Felixstowe’s container yard remains at a high density

Port handled over 53,000 TEU to road haulage in the week

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Felixstowe, Britain’s biggest and busiest container port, continues to experience very high demand for road and rail capacity as the volume of imports into the UK continues to surge post-lockdown. The Port’s container yard remains at a high density, however, measures introduced last week to manage the flow of containers to/from the port are having a positive impact.

In response to high demand for VBS slots, the port released over 1,600 additional slots in the last week and extended Sunday opening hours, allowing hauliers to access containers for UK shippers. It handled over 53,000 TEU to road haulage in the week and, on average, there were 749 VBS slots unused each day.

The Port handled 16,887 TEU at its rail terminals and is working with all operators to further increase the volume of containers moved inland during the coming days.

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Labour availability at the port is good, and this week welcomed the first intake of new operational staff since lockdown measures eased. In total it is recruiting over 100 additional equipment drivers.

The Port apologised to any customers experiencing delays but it remains confident that the measures above, and close cooperation with partners, will address these operational challenges.

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