DSV secures extra capacity from China to Europe

DSV has chartered a ship and is deploying a full block train

In a challenged global transport sector with limited capacity and high demand for freight, DSV has secured extra capacity from China to Europe with both a chartered ship and a block train. The global freight market is under pressure after a highly unusual 2020 and start of 2021. This has led to a worldwide lack of capacity, while the sea freight market, in particular, is pressured by both capacity issues and lack of equipment.

To meet customers’ needs for reliability and flexibility when transporting under these exceptional circumstances, DSV has chartered a ship and deploys a full block train from China to Europe to mitigate the capacity challenges for the hard-pressed supply chains.

The plan for the chartered ship and the block train is to help ensure extra capacity ahead of the summer and in connection with the usual ‘peak season’ for sea freight.

Timings & facts about the chartered ship

The charter is provided in a collaboration between several DSV countries across Northern Europe. The volume is expected to be up to 1,800 TEU.

Expected time plan for the chartered ship:

ETD Shanghai: 06 June 2021
ETD Yantian (DaChan Bay): 10 June 2021
ETA Europe, to be decided
ETA Aarhus Havn: 15 July 2021 (with a feeder-setup to the rest of Scandinavia)

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Timings & facts about the DSV block train:

Volume: 50 containers (40ft. high cube containers)
ETD China: 26. May 2021
ETA Denmark (to the door): between 13-17 June 2021

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