DPDgroup Asian-based company agrees strategic partnership with Hainan Airways

Lenton Group will charter weekly flights from China to France

On 27 March 2021, Lenton Group marked the start of a one-year agreement with Hainan Airways as the first cross-border eCommerce flight took off from China for France with cargo for DPDgroup’s European parcel delivery network. Faced with the surge in online purchases and ever-increasing volumes, both companies have joined forces to charter regular flights from China to France.

Before the pandemic, Lenton’s cargo was flown on passenger airplanes. With the reduction in air travel, particularly between Asia and Europe, orders for Chinese products to Europe now have to be shipped on dedicated cargo flights.

Two weekly round-trip flights carrying eCommerce parcels will inject DPDgroup’s European network with greater volumes. With a capacity of 72 tons, these aircraft cargos will serve as both a huge facilitator for cross-border development for all parties concerned and an accelerator for eCommerce as a whole.

DPDgroup, within its 2025 strategy, is focused on capturing the growth of international eCommerce while developing a global, interconnected network with sustainable delivery and digital solutions. To execute this ambitious strategic plan, DPDgroup will rely on majority-owned, Asian-based Lenton Group to connect markets across the globe and build intercontinental volumes.

Following the 2019 launch of DPD China under the Lenton Group umbrella and benefiting from the rollout of multimodal services between China and Europe, Lenton Group is implementing additional logistics solutions to strengthen its connections with the DPDgroup network in Europe.

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