DHL Supply Chain announces 100% paid maternity leave for all US associates

Effort to promote growth and advancement of female leaders

DHL Supply Chain will offer 100% paid maternity leave to all female associates in the US. This policy update is the latest development to support the Company’s broader commitment to attract, retain and advance women throughout the organisation. Globally, DHL has committed to achieving a goal of 30.0% female leadership by 2025.

Effective January 1, 2021, this policy will provide birthing mothers with an extended maternity disability leave of 12 weeks at 100.0% of pay beginning at the time of birth. Adoptive parents will also receive 100.0% of their pay for up to 12 weeks.

The new maternity leave policy is just one element of a broader, three-tiered approach aimed at building the pipeline of female employees, enabling a more balanced approach to work and driving an inclusion culture across DHL Supply Chain North America.

Building the Pipeline: Through university partnerships and formal college recruiting programmes, a team of professionals engage in on-campus activities, connect with women in business groups and participate in College Day activities to attract top female talent across all areas of the business. Because of the work of this programme, which attracts more than 400 interns and entry-level managers annually from more than 50 colleges and universities in North America, the organisation has already achieved 30.0% female participation in its annual recruiting classes. As schools navigate to a more virtual environment amid the pandemic, DHL Supply Chain is adjusting its practices to continue to achieve its goal by leveraging the Handshake platform, which will ensure the organisation does not lose momentum and remains intentional when it comes to filling its pipeline.

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Enabling a Balanced Approach to Work: Creating a flexible work environment is an integral element to support female advancement. Providing 100.0% paid maternity leave, updating attendance policies to include more flexible scheduling options for hourly workers and establishing employee resource groups to create opportunities for best practice sharing and dedicated programming are just a few of the ways the organisation is working to create an atmosphere that empowers and retains its female talent.

Driving Inclusion Culture: Earlier this year, DHL Supply Chain launched its 100 Years 100 Women Campaign to involve both women and men in creating an inclusive business environment. In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the campaign highlights 100 employees, male and female, and their stories about how women have made an impact on their own personal careers. Programming not only seeks to inspire, but to sustain a culture of inclusion.

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