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The bpost networks, from postal staff to post offices, Post Points, Parcel Points and Parcel Stations saw volumes grow during lockdown.

bpost has handled and delivered up to 500,000 parcels per day on the busiest days of March, April and May, double the parcel volume over the same period in 2019.

  • Postal staff continued to deliver parcels, newspapers, magazines, pensions and letters to homes every day, while complying with all necessary safety measures.
  • All post offices remained open to customers, thanks to revised opening times and the involvement of all staff. During the three months of strict lockdown (March, April and May) there was an exceptional 70% rise in the number of customer parcel drops at post office counters compared with the same period in 2019.
  • 90% of the 660 Post Points, other links in the bpost network, have continued to welcome and serve citizens, registering almost 40% more parcel drops. The Post Point is a big commercial and economic opportunity for bpost’s commercial partners and 80% say they would sign up for this service with bpost again.
  • The 750 Kariboo! points, which were rebranded as Parcel Points at the beginning of May, have also done strong business since mid-March. There was a 37% rise in the number of parcel drops in the period March, April, May, compared with the average for January and February 2020.

250 Cubee stations were also rebranded as Parcel Stations in May. bpost will open an additional hundred or so by the end of the year, an average of two new stations every week.

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This growth is driven by the burgeoning success of these lockers to deliver and send parcels among customers that value their proximity, accessibility (24/7) and low environmental impact. A success confirmed in recent months by a near-doubling of the number of parcels dropped at bpost Parcel Stations.

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