Yolanda Erburu: An Interview with Ethic

Yolanda Erburu, Bupa’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Lead, recently spoke with Ethic magazine on the correlation between human health and the health of the planet.

In the interview, Yolanda discusses how COVID-19 has acted as an urgent wake-up call that we must all do more for bio-diversity.

She says, The pandemic has raised a number of pressing issues which we need to think long and hard about. One that will not wait and needs rapid attention is the link between the environment and health. More and more the data is telling us that it’s impossible to look after people’s health without looking after the health of the planet.

“Businesses must make a commitment to addressing the health impacts of climate change and work together to come up with solutions. Because together, as one, we have the necessary organisational capabilities and resources to help make a lasting difference for generations to come.”

The full article is available here in Spanish (English translation option available).

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