Putting Solutions at Your Fingertips

The Secret to Success

State Farm mobile appFrom research to user reviews to direct communication tools, State Farm keeps a constant pulse on customer feedback.

“We’re in the business of creating solutions, and we take what people tell us seriously,” said software developer Nick Baker. “We’re constantly adding new features to improve the online experience. When digital tools are efficient, people can be more efficient.”

For first-time users or those with questions, a chatbot guides customers through the claim-filing process and provides proof of insurance cards without logging in. Using the chatbot, people can also get quotes and compare policy options.

“We want people to know we hear them,” Nick said. “During a prior iteration, many informed us the app was hard to navigate. So we personalized the dashboard, making it easier for people to find what they need.”

“We treat the app like raising a child,” Stacy said. “We take care of it, help it grow and thrive, and teach it to help others. Just like parenting, the work never stops.”

“Whether it’s the mobile app, online or a phone call, we’re good neighbors – and we’re there to serve every step of the way,” Nick said.

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