Warners invests £1m in marketing campaign

The UK’s largest independent gin distillery, Warner’s is investing in its biggest ever brand marketing campaign with the message Real Tastes Better and relaunching its Warner’s London Dry Gin with a tasty new recipe.

Real Tastes Better comes from the fact Warner’s founders, Tom and Tina Warner, who are farmers at heart, think there’s not enough transparency in the category when it comes to real vs artificial ingredients. And with so much noise in the gin category, it’s difficult for consumers to know what makes a great tasting gin.

So they’re on a mission to be open and transparent and are making it their business to remind everyone that real really does taste better. All of their gin is handmade from real natural ingredients grown on a farm – mostly on their own rich and biodiverse farm, travelling just metres from soil to distillery.

To communicate its Real Tastes Better message, Warner’s is spending over £1m on above and below the line marketing including on and off trade support from the end of April onwards.

Press ads will feature passionately-vocal slogans such as ‘Saving the planet tastes b***dy delicious’ and ‘Flavour from our farm not a f***ing factory’ to drive home the message that Warner’s crafts natural, sustainable, farm-grown drinks that not only taste great but are good for the planet.

Tina Warner-Keogh explained, ‘We pride ourselves on making real handmade gin from real, farm-grown ingredients. We are that passionate that sometimes our language does get a bit colourful, which is how we came up with our Real Tastes Better campaign which includes some, shall we say, down-to-earth messages about why our gin tastes so bloody great. Proper natural, proper handmade, proper tasty gin.

“Our philosophy is about giving back more than we are taking from the earth. Which is why we are encouraging greater transparency in a category that is full of too many artificial ingredients. Not only does real taste better, it’s better for the planet too.”

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