Your pet and our people: Safety is the top priority

If you are spending more time at home and have a dog, chances are your four-legged friend is spending more time in the yard. If so, we’re asking for your help. 

On days your meter is scheduled to be read or there is work scheduled on your property, please make sure your pet is not in the area of the meter or the work being done. This simply is to ensure the safety of our workers – and your dog. Even the friendliest dogs can become startled or upset when a stranger comes near. Our technicians and meter readers receive training on dog attack prevention, but your help can go a long way toward preventing any incidents. 

You can find out when your meter is scheduled to be read by looking at the top section of your bill. Or if you receive a paperless bill from us, just sign in to your online account and click on “Meter Read Schedule.” 

Thanks for your help in keeping all involved safe and for helping us continue to deliver safe, reliable energy to your home.

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